Corporate Health Partners was founded almost two decades ago to help employers improve their performance by addressing a fundamental truth. Unhealthy and unhappy employees sap an organization’s morale, whereas healthy and happy employees incur fewer expenses, increase productivity, and enjoy a better culture. As a result, prioritizing employee health is essential to fueling a healthy bottom line.

Corporate Health Partners knew that employee health could be measured objectively and enhanced systematically to create demonstrable improvements. We were born out of this vision and have made it our mission to promote a strong culture of health with high employee engagement.

Since its founding, Corporate Health Partners has helped companies like yours cultivate engaged and healthy employees. Through our employee wellness programs, we interact with your workforce year-round, through a variety of methods including health coaching, health challenges, health demonstrations and much more.

Data drives our approach. We evaluate participant risks and provide the proper tools and supports to improve your employees’ health and wellbeing. We continuously report data and insights to demonstrate their progress in real-time.

Our dedicated account team and wellness coaches manage our employee wellness programs with an unmatched passion and professionalism to achieve maximum results while putting minimal strain on your internal staff.

We do the work. You enjoy the benefits of healthy, happy employees and a stronger company.

Let us become your trusted health partner today.

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