Administrative Director

Dayna Messina has been a part of the Corporate Health Partners team since 2007. She serves as Administrative Director, responsible for developing and implementing procedures and expectations for biometric screenings, overseeing CHP Health Management Programs, and leading a team of client specialists. Dayna leverages her knowledge of HIPAA Privacy, HR/Benefits Coordination, and leadership to drive consistency and compliance throughout the organization. In addition to the operational focus of her role, Dayna was instrumental in the development and training of CHP’s new employee portal and website.

Prior to joining CHP, Dayna’s experience was with DuPont in Wilmington, DE, and Perdue, Incorporated and Tidewater Physical Therapy in Salisbury, MD. Her personal passion for wellness inspired Dayna to become a certified fitness instructor, while raising a family… and the rest is history.

Although Dayna has had many successes throughout her career, her biggest accomplishments are her two sons, Corey and Brandon, and the example she has set for them in through her healthy diet and exercise choices!

Favorite Quote: “Take each day as it comes! No need to stress about things that may never happen!”

Corporate Health Partners