The Meal Plan for the Week of November 21, 2022

Thanksgiving Recipes to Gobble Up This Year!

We’re keeping the Thanksgiving theme going this week with healthy recipes for entrees and desserts.

Remember that portion size is key over the holiday season, no matter what recipe you decide to go with. Happy Thanksgiving from Corporate Health Partners!


Pumpkin Mousse

The pie filling is always my favorite part, which is why this recipe is a winner in my book! This is also a super quick and easy pumpkin mousse recipe that only takes about 5 minutes to mix and doesn’t require any baking. If you or someone in your family really wants the crust, you could spoon this mixture into a baked crust or add a streusel topping!


Slow Cooker
Turkey Breast

Cooking the turkey in a crockpot means one less thing to worry about on Thanksgiving Day. It’s also guaranteed to turn out tender and moist, which means no dried-out turkey this year! Fresh herbs give this dish a boost of flavor and keep it a healthy, lean option to serve this year.


Stuffed Acorn Squash

A beautiful and festive dish to include on the Thanksgiving table this year! It’s a great option as an entrée for any family members or guests who are vegetarian, or it could be enjoyed as a side dish. Acorn squash has a slightly sweet and nutty flavor, which pairs well with the quinoa, cranberries, pepitas, and cheese. Yum!


Mini Pecan
Phyllo Tarts

A smaller size means getting to enjoy that delicious, pecan pie flavor but portion controlled and contains less calories. This recipe is also super simple, with only seven ingredients and about 30 minutes of prep and cook time.


Turkey and Stuffing Meatballs

These delicious nuggets would be great as an entrée alternative to turkey breast or could be served as an appetizer! Mushrooms keep the meatballs tender and the addition of celery and cranberries gives them a good boost of fiber. You could also make these ahead of time and freeze, if needed! Check out the recipe website for more details.

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