January 8, 2023
Engagement Health Group

Corporate Health Partners (CHP) and Health Solutions (HSI) have joined together to create a new company designed to provide highly engaging and effective solutions across the spectrum of health – from enhancing health and well-being to managing clinical health issues such as chronic disease and even the most complicated, expensive cases. Engagement Health Group (EHG) will serve employers across the nation who are seeking to engage, empower, and energize their members to optimize their health and well-being.   

At one end of the spectrum, EHG is designed to provide the best support to maintain or enhance member health and well-being, reducing demand on the healthcare system. For those members who encounter costly chronic or acute suffering, EHG’s approach also provides clinical support to reduce the frustration and waste they often experience in the healthcare system. 

“We are committed to aligning the right resources, to the right people, at the right time,” says Jennifer Musick, PharmD and President of EHG, “and we have proven that our model quickly and effectively closes gaps in care, especially with costly chronic disease.”  

Jack Curtis, CEO of EHG, adds, “Our new offering will also help those members who are essentially ‘train wrecks’ who feel like they have run off the tracks of the healthcare system and are losing hope. This segment is roughly 5% of an employer’s people – who, by the way, are likely driving 50% of the health plan costs! Employers simply cannot afford to neglect the suffering and costs of this segment of their people.” To address this most urgent need, EHG will engage the population, measure and analyze the risks and claims, and implement early and effective interventions to reduce unnecessary suffering and cost. 

EHG provides a single, unifying health coach alongside the member to apply clinical solutions while also addressing the underlying causes that may have created or could create a medical problem. EHG’s consistent voice helps build a culture of health by supporting the organization’s goals as well as the members’ goals. This trusted relationship helps foster a deeper connection to the organization, improves productivity, and adds stability to the organization. 

EHG will be able to serve all members within each client’s population. By meeting each member where they are in their health journey, EHG will build trusted relationships that foster engagement, leading to more consistent, repeatable outcomes. EHG’s comprehensive programming will segment the workforce population into three states:  

  • Healthy and moderately healthy people need to stay that way. They will remain healthy with our behavioral health coaches.  
  • Members with chronic disease also need clinical guidance and education regarding their condition. Our health coaches help members engage with our pharmacists, who coordinate with each member’s personal physician to form an effective care team for this clinical support. 
  • Members with an acute and/or severe health condition are scared and want the best possible advice available. Our coaches support these members along with our integrated concierge, clinical-care-team to guide and support members with the most severe and complicated health conditions, connecting these members with the specialists and resources they need for immediate care and resolution. 

EHG will begin benefitting from expanded services in the first quarter of 2023, with no interruption in service delivery to current clients. 

About Engagement Health Group 

Engagement Health Group (EHG) is a health and well-being program provider formed from Corporate Health Partners (CHP) and Health Solutions (HSI). EHG serves employers across the country, from those looking to provide compelling resources for interested members, to those looking to engage the entire population in effective risk management. EHG drives much higher-than-industry engagement and satisfaction, helping to cultivate workplaces that value optimal health and well-being for their members. Besides providing excellent health promotion, EHG features behavioral health coaching and clinically based guidance that integrates medical and pharmacy claims data, along with biometric health screening data, to deploy highly engaging and effective health and well-being programs tailored to the unique culture of each client. 

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