July 8, 2022

June 27, 2022, Atlanta, Ga. – Congratulations to all the Georgia cities who participated in this year’s City Challenge helping their employee populations adopt new habits and behaviors as we all move towards a healthier culture. Participating client-cities were invited to compete against one another in this friendly battle for the coveted City Challenge Trophy in addition to individual employee rewards.

This year, 8 municipalities participated and competed for the highest average team step count, 5K bonus points, as well as participation percentages to build up points that all roll up into a grand prize. The goal of the City Challenge is to create lasting change among all participants and  help foster a culture of wellness throughout the organization as we have fun together.

Team Acworth has reclaimed its position as the leading city, winning the trophy back from Lawrenceville who won the City Challenge in 2021. While not the leader in all categories, Team Acworth was able to accumulate the highest score through their diversity of efforts. Their culture models exactly what the CHP team champions; many smaller changes are the way to see the greatest impact.

It’s very rewarding to see the enthusiasm that stems from the City Challenge each year. Once again, this year’s levels of enthusiasm, engagement, participation, and even average step count increased. This is an event that not only encourages health awareness and increased activity but also pride in one’s city.

The “team spirit” is a definite plus of the challenge that can never be measured on a leaderboard, but anyone that participates in the challenge is aware of its impact. You know it is a good challenge when the most common question at its end is, “When is the next one?

Susie O’Brian. Program Manager and Health Coach

The City of Acworth wasn’t the only big winner this year. CHP Coaches and Program Managers saw progress across the board from all the participating cities. The cities of Acworth, Decatur, and Stockbridge all dramatically exceeded their participation targets. Decatur led with a 44% participation rate with Stockbridge as a close second with a 38% participation rate in this year’s City Challenge.

A key method for gaining bonus points are the annual 5K’s. This year 47% of City Challenge participants joined in and completed their 5K’s marking a dramatic improvement over past years. Collectively, participants averaged more than 8,000 steps a day, far better than the national average. When seen in totality, the City Challenge participants walked a total of 65,000 miles. Top teams who completed their 5K’s include:

When all is said and done, this is really about improvement and adoption of healthy habits. While the City Challenge winner was the City of Acworth, these cities saw the most dramatic increase in average step count:

In addition to the cities who competed, we’d like to thank CHP’s Director, Client Success, Tiffany Tian, Platform Support Specialists Sarah Chapman and Susie O’Brian, and the CHP Program Managers who helped make this possible. A special thanks to Dustin Kell who served as the overall coordinator for the City Challenge this year. Thank you to the team for bringing their passion and energy to CHP every day!

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