August 31, 2021

Corporate Health Partners (CHP) is pleased to announce that effective immediately Tiffany Tian will lead this organization as the Director, Client Success Organization. The most important value CHP can provide is to generate success for the participant’s and client’s we serve, and this new organizational structure has been identified as a new pathway to help our clients as we move into a new model of care and delivery, reflective of the current struggles being faced by both employees and employers.

Tian has the unique experience of serving in every role across our continuum of care as a Health Coach, Project Manager and as an Account Manager. Her perspective and background allow her the unique ability to integrate all these roles, seamlessly within the CHP organization.

In the director role, Tian will report directly to executive leadership, helping shape overall client success strategy primarily at the client leadership level, driving retention and growth across the total client base. 

“We’ve seen dramatic changes in client needs. As the pandemic drags on, employees are still struggling with not just healthy behavior but also stress, depression and the associated coping skills – which have not been great. This change will help us take a more holistic approach to our care model, maintaining our deep engagement and results as we address a new model of corporate wellness.”

Dan Feruck, President CHP

As more data is collected on employee health, it has become clear that employees returned to work less healthy than they were pre-covid. Wellness has been cited as one of the most important factors by employees as they consider whether to stay in their current position or to leave for something different. Nelson’s deep experience in connecting wellness to employee engagement will help our partners and clients secure and retain their talent by bolstering their Culture of Health & Wellbeing. 

About Corporate Health Partners

Corporate Health Partners is a privately held corporation, headquartered in Atlanta, GA. It has gained national recognition for its “Coaching First” approach to behavioral change with programs engineered to fit each unique organizational culture. CHP’s evidence-based approach generates participation and engagement results far exceeding industry standards (more than 90% of employees truly engage with CHP, vs. the industry average of just 24%). Our work transforms organizations – fostering happier, healthier employees who support one another, increase productivity, and demonstrate higher company loyalty.

Corporate Health Partners