Integrated Health Coaching is the Solution

“Our wellness coaches guide your employees toward healthier lives through health coaching, leading towards a better bottom line for your organization.”

Measurable, medical results

Corporate Health Partners improves the health of your employees and your bottom line. We can prove it. Our corporate wellness programs rely on actionable medical data from your participating employees. We use that information to create personalized plans to enhance the health and lifestyle of each participant. We also use aggregated, anonymous data to give you a clear picture of the dominant health risks in your organization and how to address them through company wellness programs and a healthier culture.

89% of employees voluntarily participate in our corporate wellness programs.

trusted advocates

CHP provides year-round, personalized health coaching for your employees. Your company’s dedicated wellness coaches will become part of the family, working with each participating employee to help them become happier and healthier. The difference between company wellness programs that have dedicated onsite health coaching and those that do not is significant. Employees are 350% more likely to kick unhealthy habits with a corporate health coach supporting them. Because of our wellness coaches, our programs lead the industry in effectiveness.

Employees are up to 350% more likely to kick unhealthy habits with a corporate health coach.

healthy culture building

A healthy culture encourages individuals to cultivate healthier lifestyles. Our wellness coaches lead programs and workshops on topics ranging from smoking cession to stress management to healthy eating. We charter employee-led corporate wellness programs and connect participants with health resources and events. Your people will love our programs. Among our clients, CHP maintains a voluntary participation rate above 90% and a satisfaction rate of over 85%. That is leaps and bounds higher than traditional company wellness programs.

A participation rate above 90% and a satisfaction rate over 85%.

meet some of our wellness warriors

Our corporate health coaches understand that every employee is on their own journey that is very personal to them. We know that having an advocate is what makes all the difference to these brave men and women who have chosen a path towards change. This may be the hardest thing any of these individuals will go through, but the impact on their lives will be dramatic. Our wellness coaches recognize the strength and determination needed, calling these employees our Wellness Warriors.

Corporate Health Partners