CHP’s “Pathfinder”
Health & Wellbeing Platform & Programming

CHP’s Pathfinder Program for healthy culture-building is perfect for groups that want to enhance their health and wellbeing program with a robust platform, professional program management, year-round health promotion, top-shelf reporting, and white-glove support.

pathfinder support services included:

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Robust Health & Wellbeing Platform

CHP has a world-class health and wellbeing platform that’s highly secure, very engaging, and available via computer, tablet, and smart phone/app. CHP’s platform is the “central nervous system” of our programming. It is the place where every participant can assess their health status, set appropriate goals for improvement, find resources to help on their journey, then track and reward their progress. Our robust, customizable, wellness platform is mission-critical for our team to measure and maximize employee health, engagement, and productivity. Here are some features that you can see on our demo:

  • Customizable for YOUR Program
    • YOUR Logo, Mission, & Vision
    • YOUR Program Plan & Promotion
    • YOUR Calendar of Events
    • YOUR Success Stories
  • Health Assessment & Reporting w/unique ID
  • Biometrics
  • Challenges (dozens, addressing wellbeing)
    • Personal
    • Buddy
    • Team
  • Unlimited Tracking
  • Device Integration
  • Health Content
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Self-Directed Study
  • Social Collaboration & Communication
  • Gamification
  • Employee Education
  • Participant Surveys
  • Reporting – Individual & Aggregate
  • Incentive & Reward Administration
  • Gift Card Fulfillment (Optional
  • Behavioral Health Coaching (Optional)


The platform is accessible via computer, tablet, or smartphone - via our mobile-optimized app.

Room for Growth

CHP has capabilities to continuously innovate and expand a client’s wellness program, to keep them fresh, relevant, and compelling. We meet clients where they are, fulfill their current needs, and grow as desired.

Privacy & Security

Privacy and security levels that satisfy even the toughest standards – used by government, banks, and leading global companies. Clients have complete confidence that personal health information is safe and secure, because of the following:

  • Developed using the Microsoft Secure Code principles and platform tested by Microsoft.
  • Data is encrypted in transport and at rest.
  • Uses an independent database with TDE / AES256 encryption for each client.
  • Supports HIPAA compliance by providing privacy and security components that follow national standards (of HIPAA).
  • ISO/IEC 27001 Information Security Management certified. ISO/IEC 27001 Information Security Management is the industry standard used for third-party accredited certifications and is supported by Code of Practice document ISO/IEC 27001.
  • Compliant with the Canadian Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) and British Columbia Personal Information Protection Act (PIPA).
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Year-Round Health Promotion & “Culture Building”

CHP provides all the fundamentals of year-round health promotion to engage your people with engaging, educational programming, including:

  • “Healthy Breaks” - educational sessions from our robust library on topics of need and interest to help your people with their physical and mental health
  • Health & Wellbeing Challenges – fun, engaging challenges from our extensive toolbox that harness the competitive spirit of your workforce to provide social support for the adoption of healthy habits
  • Weekly Meal Plans – A simple, nutritious weekly dinner meal plan suitable for the whole family and developed by a registered dietitian to make healthy eating easy.  Includes links to 5 healthy recipes with suggested side items and a grocery list.
  • Health Newsletters – Monthly Electronic Newsletter with hand-picked articles and features designed to help individuals live a healthy and active life.
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Dedicated Program Manager

Most wellness programs lack this critical element and therefore set themselves up to fail. Successful programs require a dedicated professional who is responsible and accountable for achieving program goals. CHP provides degreed, experienced professionals with managerial oversight to make sure your program gets focus. Our Program Managers provide day-to-day support and do the “heavy lifting.”

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Client Success Team Support

The Program Manager is supported by a Client Success Team that is knowledgeable of, and responsible for, your account. It includes the following:

  • Behavioral Health Coach(es)
  • Client Specialist
  • Director of Analytics
  • Financial Representative
  • Director of Client Success

Employees with both high Engagement and a sense of Well-Being are

30% less likely to miss work &

show a 20% boost in productivity

and are more likely to recommend the company.


Program Management that takes the load off of HR

Program Planning/Calendar of Events

CHP Program Managers plan, facilitate, promote, and report on all your wellness events, such as:

  • Planning & Review Meetings
  • Program Kickoff
  • Registration/Enrollment
  • Biometric Data Collection
  • Wellness Team Meetings
  • “Healthy Break” Educational Events
  • Health & Wellbeing Challenges
  • Community Health Events

Communications & Promotion

CHP Program Managers work with you to develop a systematic Communications Plan in ways that you know are successful in getting your employees’ attention. We promote every event throughout the calendar year at least 3 times and 3 ways, to make sure employees know what’s available for them.

Program Incentive Design & Administration

CHP designs, plans, communicates, and tracks employee participation, compliance, outcomes, etc. including incentives as an integral part of wellness programs, rewarding engagement and accomplishment.


  • Monthly Progress Reports
  • Quarterly Compliance/Incentive Reports
  • Annual Management Health Assessment Report
  • Annual Cohort Analysis (to measure clinical risks year-to-year)
  • Participant Satisfaction Survey Reports
  • Annual Culture Assessment & Plan 
  • Bi-Annual Executive Reports & Summaries
  • Bi-Annual Internal Client Reviews
  • Bi-Annual Client Management Presentations
  • Wellness Warriors – participant success stories to inform & motivate
  • Program Success Flyers – summaries of program successes for employees
  • In addition, the CHP wellness platform has 33 optional reports

Review & Planning Session

CHP Team familiarize themselves with company culture to determine best locations, dates, and times for activities and events, discuss communication of the program to employees (kick-off meetings), schedule additional meetings with department heads, if necessary, discuss timeline and other aspects of the program (healthy breaks, wellness committee, etc.).

I love the many different levels and participation options our employees are offered. Each months, there is always something they can learn either through a challenge or a healthy break. We had our internal program for over 10 years and I feel it was a very easy transition for our HR team and employees to adjust to a new methodology that focuses on changing behavior.

~ Regional Bank with 2,500 employees

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