CHP’s “Powerhouse”
Behavioral Coaching Program

The perfect program for groups that want more engagement and results from their health and wellbeing program.

Powerhouse support services included:

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Dedicated Program Manager

Most wellness programs lack this critical element and therefore set themselves up to fail. Successful programs require a dedicated professional who is responsible and accountable for achieving program goals. CHP provides degreed, experienced professionals with managerial oversight to make sure your program gets focus. Our Program Managers provide day-to-day support and do the “heavy lifting.”

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Client Success Team Support

The Program Manager is supported by a Client Success Team that is knowledgeable of, and responsible for, your account. It includes the following:

  • Behavioral Health Coach(es)
  • Client Specialist
  • Director of Analytics
  • Financial Representative
  • Director of Client Success
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Experience health improvement

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Make healthier choices

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More likely to adopt healthy habits with Health Coaching!


result-focused, behavioral health coaching

Importance of a Personal Connection

Much of the industry uses “on-demand” or “ask-an- expert” stye coaching, which is “opt-in” with usually less than 10% of members opting to call. Many programs see less than 40% participation, and, of that, they are typically the healthiest employees.

In many cases, only 5-10% of people are “self- actualizing” and are both willing and able to change on their own.

By engaging 90% of your members, CHP reaches those who have not been taking responsibility for their health, many of whom have not even had a physical exam for years. CHP Health Coaches help your people find the motivation to go to work on their health making them 350% more likely to adopt a healthy lifestyle with the help of a Health Coach.

Coaching Drives Engagement

  • We use data to measure and guide our progress. We prefer objective, clinical data from biometrics, but we can also use self-reported information from Health Assessment.
  • CHP’s preferred mode of coaching is systematic and “results-focused” coaching.
  • We recommend establishing a coaching cadence that’s appropriate for ALL levels of risk

Results Focused Coaching Process

  • Results Coaching – 30-minute session with a health coach and participant to establish connection, motivation, and an achievable path forward.
  • Debriefing
  • Personal Motivation
  • Personal Planning
  • Follow-up Coaching – systematic, 15-minute sessions throughout the year
    • Accountability
    • Troubleshooting
    • Education
    • Ongoing Motivation • Engagement
    • Health Advocacy

Outstanding Health Coaches

  • Minimum Four-Year College Degree
  • Many Have MS, MPH
    • (Health Sciences)
    • Registered Dietitians | Nutrition
    • Exercise Science | Physiology | Kinesiology
    • Health Promotion
  • Certified Fitness Instructors
  • First Aid + CPR
  • CHP Training via CHP University
  • Motivational Interviewing training
  • Mental Health First Aid certification
  • Continuous Improvement and Oversight of PhD Chief Behavioral Officer
  • HIPAA Compliant
  • All W-2 Employees

Coaching Delivery Modes

  • Worksite/in-person
  • Video coaching (via the app for smart phones)
  • Telephonic

CHP, your team brought “it” to life through real life stories and testimonials — far more impactful than data alone (but the data and employee survey results help). Through the stories, your secret sauce has been clearly identified: Your front-line coaches truly care.

So, when I talk about CHP, it’ll from here forward include the following differentiators:
1. CHP Coaches care. They will become friends with your employees... maybe the best friend some of these folks need.
2. CHP Coaching Relationships make the difference.
3. Trust and relationships drive open discussions.
4. Your team focuses on Culture Building and Leadership Support.

Atlanta Brokerage, 8 clients served by CHP

Three pricing options

We are pleased to offer three different options for Powerhouse, all backed by a dedicated client support team:





  • Relative Results: Good
  • Cadence: Quarterly
  • 4 Total Sessions Per Participant
  • 3 Follow-up Coaching Sessions (15 min)
  • 1 Results Coaching Session (30 Min)





  • Relative Results: Best
  • Cadence: Monthly 
  • 11 Total Sessions Per Participant
  • 10 Follow-up Coaching Sessions (15 min)
  • 1 Results Coaching Session (30 Min)

*All Powerhouse options require an Annual Management Fee of $2500.

Additional Coaching Options

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Group Coaching

  • Tobacco Cessation
  • Resiliency/Stress Management
  • Weight Management
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Diabetes Coaching

  • Bi-weekly 20-minute educational sessions
  • Informal check-ins
  • Monthly reporting

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