Year-Round Program Management for Health & Wellbeing Programs

CHP’s “Program Manager” solution is perfect for groups that want to enhance their health and wellbeing program with a professional, experienced Program Manager, backed by a proven team that is focused on the success of your program.

Services available:

To provide a credible, systematic structure for achieving your objectives

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Dedicated Program Manager

CHP provides degreed, experienced professionals with managerial oversight to make sure your program gets focus. They provide day-to-day support and do the “heavy lifting”.

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Client Success Team Support

The Program Manager is supported by a Client Success Team that is knowledgeable of, and responsible for, your account.

CHP Delivery Team

Program Manager

Focus on culture-building and oversight of coaches. Frequently onsite and visible to client. May also participate as a health coach.

Client Specialist

Coordinate screening events, administer platform, onboarding of new participants, general support to CHP team.

Finance Rep

Agreement management, billing, true-ups.

Client Success Manager

Overall responsibility for Wellness Program and CHP team.

Health Coaches

Conduct face-to-face results and follow up coaching sessions. May participate in culture-building activities.

Data Analyst

Cohort and risk migration reports, experience surveys.

Annual program planning /
Calendar of Events

CHP Program Managers plan, facilitate, promote, and report on all your wellness events, such as:

  • Planning & Review Meetings
  • Program Kickoff
  • Registration/Enrollment
  • Biometric Screenings/Data Collection
  • Wellness Team Meetings
  • Educational Events
  • Health & Wellbeing Challenges
  • Community Health Events
  • Internal Marketing
  • Incentive Administration

Having a program manager run the program for us has been a huge time savor internally allowing us to focus on other projects in HR. Adding call backs for high risk biometrics, next year, is something we are anticipating to help drive even more change around this very positive program!

~ Regional Bank with 2,500 Employees

Ongoing Communications and Promotion

CHP Program Managers systematically create educational content that’s appropriate for your employees. Every event is promoted at least 3 different times and 3 different ways — to make sure every eligible member gets the word.

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Program Incentive Design & Administration

CHP designs, plans, communicates, and tracks employee participation, compliance, outcomes, etc. – so your team is not consumed with forms, spreadsheets, and reward administration.

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Review & Planning Sessions

Program Managers work within the company culture, determining the best locations, dates, and times for activities and events.

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CHP is known for its user-friendly, customizable, timely, and actionable reporting, which includes the following:

  • Monthly Progress Reports
  • Participant Satisfaction Survey Reports
  • Annual Culture Assessment & Plan
  • Annual Executive Reports & Summaries
  • Annual Internal (CHP) Client Reviews
  • Annual Client Management Presentations
  • Wellness Warriors — participant success
    stories to inform & motivate
  • Program Success Flyers — summaries of
    program successes for employees
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Incentive Management

The CHP Program Manager along with the internal CHP support team will track and report on participant compliance and provide timely and accurate information for related payroll adjustments or account contributions.

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Monthly Progress Report

This report provides each client with updates on key initiatives, past accomplishments, calendar of events, coaching metrics, participant success stories, etc.

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Health Advocacy

CHP Program Manager will assist client in developing and implementing strategies to promote other healthcare benefits provided by client to participants, such as carrier resources, EAP, telemedicine, disease management, etc.

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Weekly Meal Plan

A simple, nutritious weekly dinner meal plan suitable for the whole family and developed by a registered dietitian to make healthy eating easy. Includes links to 5 healthy recipes with suggested side items and a grocery list.

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Culture Building

The CHP Program Manager provides consultation, activities, and a road map for building a supportive culture in the workplace for the wellness program, which may include:

  • Promotion of your health & wellbeing platform
  • Challenges
  • Educational classes (lunch & learns, healthy breaks)
  • Wellness team support
  • Promotion of community
    health & wellbeing events
  • Assessment of health & wellbeing culture
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Health Newsletter

Monthly Electronic Newsletter with hand- picked articles and features designed to help individuals live a healthy and active life.

Three Pricing Options




/per year


3 Hours per Week



/per year


8 Hours per Week

Optional Wellness Services:

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Biometric Screening

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Health Coaching

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Health & Wellbeing Platform

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Diabetes Coaching

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Most employees don’t even know their employer has a wellness program, much less participate or experience the benefits. Even $10,000 per year can make a significant difference in your engagement and results.

When you are ready to begin your journey towards a lasting culture of wellness, contact us for a free assessment of your needs and opportunities.

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