Corporate Health Partners has been a leader in the corporate wellness industry for over 12 years. With offices in Georgia, Tennessee, and Ohio, CHP has a team of dedicated professionals who can provide a broad range of wellness services. Unlike impersonal virtual programs offered by other wellness providers, CHP provides proven onsite, face-to-face, personalized health improvement solutions, designed to create lasting behavior change.


Individuals are up to 350% more likely to kick unhealthy habits with personal health coaching! Our team of highly educated Health Coaches are a dedicated resource to support, motivate and help YOU to succeed! And, as a third-party partner, you can be assured that all protected health information is strictly confidential.

“We are teachers, accountability partners, motivators & encouragers, and often become friends. I enjoy the ability to serve others right where they are. For those needing change, I’m excited in the moment when the need becomes a desire, and the desire for change presents itself; because in that moment, true effort is put forth and positive results are inevitable; quality of life is improved, and a life quite possibly saved.” -Danielle P., CHP Health Coach

“I feel the wellness program has helped me personally by helping me to make better decisions regarding food and exercise. The coaches are approachable and friendly; they don’t judge and criticize and they offer real-world suggestions on how to adopt a healthier lifestyle.” – Michelle P., 42


CHP will organize individual or team challenges for those who have that competitive edge, and CHP’s informational “Healthy Break” lunch ‘n learns will help bring about change by changing the way you think about health!

“I really appreciate the examples they use in the “Eat This, Not That” Healthy Breaks. Instead of thrusting a piece of paper at you and saying “eat only what’s on this sheet”, they bring examples of healthy food and snacks into the workplace. They tell you where to get them, appropriate portion sizes and even let you sample the items so you know if you will like it before you buy it.” – Michelle P., 42


Instructions will be given to log on to our wellness portal with your unique member ID to complete your Health Risk Assessment questionnaire prior to the confidential screening.

What gets measured can be changed! A comprehensive and confidential screening will take place at a private location at the worksite. A Health Coach will assess your height/weight, body composition, and blood pressure. A fasting blood draw will be taken to test your blood lipid profile and glucose.

Virtual is no match for personal! That’s why your CHP Health Coach will meet with you onsite! You will receive a 30 minute, one-on-one consultation to review your results and provide you with information about behaviors that can be modified to improve your wellness score and reduce risk factors.

You’ll be able to meet one-on-one with your coach for 15 minute sessions throughout the year. The focus will be on YOUR goals and the behavior changes YOU would like to make to ultimately improve or maintain your health status.

“I enjoy the fellowship, laughter, instruction and learning what our Healthy Breaks have offered. However, if I were to choose only one thing to share about our wellness program it would be how deeply appreciative I am of the accountability that is offered through the relationships that I have developed with my coaches. They are the best!” – Cantey S., 58

All identifying protected health information (PHI) is strictly confidential and is subject to HIPAA privacy & security laws and is handled within those guidelines and regulations.


“I feel like our company’s wellness program has definitely changed my life for the better. After battling my weight since I was thirteen, I feel like I have finally won that battle because of CHP’s simple and understandable approach to healthy living.

“I’ve learned from my fabulous coaches that it’s not about fads or what is popular at the moment, but about learning what healthy choices work best for me. Because I now know I need to keep a healthy lifestyle for the rest of my life, each year I “choose” to remove one unhealthy habit and take on a new one. I feel a complete freedom from the all the pressure I experienced with all the other “diets” out there that I tried in the past. And that’s just it…it’s not a diet. It’s truly a healthy life.”
– Cheryl K., 54

“The City… are blessed to have the wellness program. Aside from the personal health successes that I have enjoyed, I see the benefits to the health and morale of all staff daily.”
– Bill W., 47

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