Now is the time to seize the opportunity while health is still a top priority!

Are you looking for what employees can do to minimize their risks?
Are you wondering what you can do to keep employees engaged?
Will you need help providing credible, year-round health promotion?
Would you like to boost immunity and fight chronic disease, too.

Pathfinder has the solutions your wellness program needs, now.

  • Seizes the “teachable moment” when employees are ready
  • Empowers employees to better protect themselves
  • Provides the social connection your people are craving
  • Delivers it virtually – when & where employees need it
  • Provides a systematic, year-round approach for max. impact
  • Give your keys to CHP and leave the driving to us! We get the job done with minimal load on HR.
  • It also includes the fundamentals of successful program management – needs assessment, planning, managing, measuring, reporting, incentive administration, continuous improvement and more.
  • CHP has a proven track record of achieving >85% employee participation and satisfaction when clients follow our best practices. And over 95% keep coming back, year after year.

Pathfinder applies CHP’s best practices to ensure deep, lasting engagement.

  • Robust, state-of-the-art wellness/engagement platform & app
  • Immunity Boosting Scorecard to measure status & progress
  • Virtual, educational “Healthy Breaks” on building immunity
  • Exciting, engaging challenges (individual, buddy & group)
  • Health advocacy – promoting available health resources
  • Incentive plan & administration to reward progress
  • Cognitive behavioral training to build immunity skills
  • Robust financial wellness program with individual coaching
  • Communications plan, newsletters, meal plans,

What’s it worth to keep your employees as healthy and fully engaged as possible during these challenging times?

CHP’s Pathfinder Program is very affordable – typically about 1-2% of your health plan cost + a $2500 Annual Management Fee and a one-time, $750 Implementation Fee. Optional 30-min. personal health coaching session: $50/participant.

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