Frustrated by unhealthy employees, increasing sick days, rapidly rising costs, decreasing benefits & shrinking margins?

Health plays a major role in the success of any organization. Employers struggle with controlling healthcare costs, keeping employees productive, and competing for talent. Without healthy employees, each of these concerns can quickly become major problems.


With two decades of experience, Corporate Health Partners (CHP) provides more than just DIY wellness tools. We provide fully managed, integrated healthcare solutions. We know how to measurably improve your employees’ health and organization’s culture.

Contact us to reap the benefits of happier employees and a better bottom line

What sets us apart? Proven reduction of health risks and expensive sick care

  1. Results are measured through objective, year-over-year biometric assessments, not vanity metrics like step counts
  2. Onsite, personalized coaching encourages employees to achieve their health goals
  3. Management of the program is our responsibility, not yours or your staff’s

Benefits of CHP’s Coaching and Programs

Reduced utilization of expensive, reactive sick care
Healthier employees are better equipped to avoid severe health issues and need fewer expensive treatments.

Happier, more productive employees
On average, CHP reduces the risk of health crises. Empower your employees to enjoy the freedom that comes from good health.

Stronger, competitive culture that attracts and retains talent
Talent is attracted to companies that value and respect their employees. Enhance your prestige by offering preventive healthcare.


Contact us to reap the benefits of happier employees and a better bottom line.

Corporate Health Partners